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Hey guys, recently I found a great website which is called pCloud. pCloud is an online storage provider. The benefit is that it’s much cheaper then other online storage providers like Dropbox. Also the interface is very nice and you can directly open your uploaded files in your webbrowser without the need to download them first.

Provider Website:

Brief Description:
pCloud is a brilliant Alternative to Dropbox and other online cloud storage providers. The provider mainly stands out by its favorable price and feature integrations model. Music files, PDF documents, and Videos of common formats can be displayed directly on the platform and being played directly.

The account is free up to 10GB (Dropbox: 2GB)
Premium Abo (500GB Speicher): $3.99/Month (Dropbox: No offer)
Premium Plus Abo (2TB Memory): $7.99/Month (Dropbox: $10)
Custom Offer: Price and memory can be chosen flexibly

Offered Online Storage Service

The Service of pCloud is available for Desktop and Smartphones. The App can be found under this link. The provider has an additional service that is designed to protect online data which is stored particularly well, so that hackers are not able to compromise the storage data or get insight into confidential information. pCloud has a prive model for private and business consumers.

pCloud – The Registration Process

Just go to the pCloud website and create your account. What you need is just an email address and a password. Please make sure that you choose a password which contains at least 10 characters including special signs, numbers, upper -and lowercase letters to make your account more secure.

pCloud login screen

After that you will receive a verification email that you will have to confirm before your account gets active.


Once when you registered, you can login to your account and play a bit with your dashboard. The navigation options are:

  • Files Here you can upload new folders and files. With a click on the „New Folder“ in the top right corner you can create a new folder to structure your content
  • Crypto Folder This folder is for your confident data,. Once when you choose using the crypto feature, you can send data forth and back to this folder via end-to-end encryption which means that the data transfer is already encrypted
  • Sharing If you already share data with others, you can see it in this area. This is great as you can manage your shares much easier then on many other platforms.
  • Audio Shows you a list of your uploaded audio files. You can even dort your audio files by titles, interpret and other metadata
  • Backups EAnother cool feature is that you can create backups on any other online storage platform (wie z.B. Google Drive, Dropbox etc.). Please note that the space on other platforms is limited.
  • Trash Contains data that you deleted before. You can easily restore the data by clicking the „Restore“ button but you can also delete the data permanently.
  • Tell a Friend, Get $5 You can earn $5 for each friend that you invite to pCloud.
  • On the bottom left you can check how much space you still have to store your files within your current plan.


Music Files On pCloud

Music files are directly recognized as such and can be streamed online with no Download required. To play a stored music file, you have to simply click on it and it opens a Popup in which the file is played.

Choosed Music File

Video Files On pCloud

Video files can also be directly streamed via the platform. To do so just click on an uploaded video file and play it directly.

Show Videos

PDF- und Office-Dokumente auf pCloud

Even PDFs and office documents can be opened directly on the platform.

Dokumente auf pCloud anzeigen lassen


PCloud is surely a great alternative to other cloud hosting providers. The function scope covers all the major scenarios and the usage is super easy. The interface is very fluid and intuitive. Also we like the many integration features with different platforms like iOS, Android and WindowsXX that pCloud provides. And the best is that you’ll get this stuff for a really good price. This is why the provider gets 5* from our side.

If you have any other questions in regards to pCloud, you can always contact their support team. Our experience was always good as the service team was super fast in replying to our questions and super friendly.

pCloud Anzeige


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