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What is edX? edX is a nonprofit online learning destination, founded by Harvard and MIT in 2012. The platform offers high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners everywhere.

There is a never ending list of partners and it is growing and growing. Not only contributing institutes from the USA found their way to this platform but also universities from abroad like the Peking University, Kyoto University, the IIT Bombay, the Hongkong university of Science and many many more.

Find a brief description in the following video

Why should you start learning today on edX?

The mission of edX is to provide high-quality education for everyone and everywhere.

edX offers more than 1,250 courses in subjects like computer science, entrepreneurship, data science, business, languages, engineering and more. The courses are free and accessible for anyone with a desire to learn and an Internet connection.

Learners also have the ability to earn certificates to showcase their knowledge, advance their career and find a better paid job. You will have to pay an extra fee to get a certificate once when you successfully finished a course. The prices are compareable with those of Coursera.

edX Certificate

This is the commissionable part of the program. With edX, learners can master new skills, earn a valuable credential and improve their lives.

What are the biggest benefits of the Shaw Academy?

Definitely the benefits are the high amount of partners and the bunch of courses. There is a review system which shows you how ex-students liked the courses. You can read through the reviews and get a first image of the opinions of previous participants. You will find them under the „Enroll now“ button of the course.


In the „About this course“ section there is a brief description of the course. It also shows you if the course was being archived or if it a course which starts in the near future. For archived courses there is no guarantee that all the course features and materials are still available.

In the „What you’ll learn“ section you will find the course contents in bullet points. Personally I love bullet points as they present the content in a very brief and easy to understand manner.

Another cool feature is the sidebar widget with some more information about the length of the course, the needed effort and previous experience needed. So it is very easy for students to plan their learning schedule. You also see directly in which language the course is being provided.

edX sidebar

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